Monday, July 20, 2009

Hatteras Wave Jam

Ken and I where the first sailors on the water very early in the afternoon. We had the whole place to ourself, sharing waves, hooting and hollaring at each other, and just have a blast! It really reminded me of Maui, when Ken and I would just get so dialed together out there. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh :)

Cool shot

Keith McCulloch

Andy McKinney is...

ripping and has really taken his sailing to the next level

By 7pm the tide had gone back out and the waves began to ramp

and Andy went out and promptly tore it up.

Yannick drove all the way from Chicago

Ian Stokes was throwing himself all over the place! (that really is his name!)

Stuart Proctor can hang with the best of them

Here he is working on his one handed jumps. I'd like to learn those too.

Ken Kellar has really taken his looping to the next step, and has shed the fear that keeps so many from going over the bars

Dale Bendula

Ralph's first reach in the ocean!

Wrap up to a GREAT day!

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