Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wave Sailing Assateague

All photography by my most awesome wife Janis Markopoulos

Amazing day of wave sailing here on Assateague Island. After living and sailing the Delmarva now for several years, I’ve finally got this spot dialed! Without a doubt one of the best days I’ve ever experienced at this spot. The waves were sooooooooo long!!

The wind was marginal 5.8 on the floaty board, but that suits me just fine.

Nice one!

Waves were maybe chest high, perfect for easy carefree wavesailing with no dues. Great tune up for whats to come this fall when the tropics heat up.

Gybing ont the outside

Cool shot

This guy (not the pic above but one of the guys in the pic below) stole my shoes today. I’m carrying our stuff out to the beach, up the board walk. And as I near the top at the beach line, as I often do, I kick of my sandals to carry the chairs and cooler out onto the sand, only to put them back on as I come back to go to the truck for another trip with gear (oh, they where again limiting the number of trucks allowed onto the beach so we just sailed the main parking lot, and dealt with the huge crowds). Well when I come back up, my sandals are gone! Well Janis had noticed these two Hispanic men without shoes carrying their cooler. Then she happened to noticed one of them suddenly was wearing shoes! Amazing. She pointed out there compound

so I marched myself over there, said, “Immigration, I’m searching for stolen shoes”. They where speechless. I saw my sandals (he had taken them off), promptly claimed them, and walked away. I mean, who the heck steals someone’s shoes. I thought back to my friend Andy having his board shorts stolen off of the clothes line. Unbelievable really. Perhaps I should have called the ranger, but it was windy and I had to go sailing.

Really fun sequence going backside to set a series of front side turns

Long lines! Some of the finest wavesailing I've ever experienced at Assateague

aw yeah!

Headin out

Gybin on the outside

One last ride before packin up jackin on up bring it on home!

Success with the heli tacks on the outside today

What a great day

Ken is coming out tonight for tomorrow’s action. Hopefully we get a little bit more wind so we can add some aerial action to the mix!

Yup, it was one of those days that I knew I’d have a tough time getting to sleep at night….it was just that good and I’m still pumped with adrenalin. I was up at 3am blogging this post, waiting for the sun to come up to get some more! Great forecast for sunday...... Stoked!


Pål Rype said...

Looks like you put on a show for the beachgoers ! had a hard time coming down from my session on saturday as well.

Lano said...

Looks like you pulled a decent crowd today! Nice for the low lifes and the sandals! WTF? Who steals shoes at the beach? Great shots Janis

George Markopoulos said...

Pal and Dave, yup-it was a great day. And we scored again yesterday! the waves where a little bigger.

pics coming tomorrow.