Sunday, December 6, 2009

It Just Gets Better And Better Here

So it’s the weekend, and another low pressure system serving up great sailing here on the Delmarva. It just keeps getting better and better. While most of Maryland was hit with the first major snow storm of the season, I was blessed with some fine wavesailing in Assateague.

Juiced 5.0, and shoulder to head high surf. Some 3-4 turn waves, and the wind NNE, at times a smidge side off. On top of that, we must of caught the only window of precipitation free weather in the entire state.

I’m telling you it was spitting rain in Delaware, and snowing all over inland Maryland. But Assateague was dry, with a low cloud ceiling, and steady wind. Sweet!

smackin it!

I did downwinders all day, as Janis followed me south, photographing me the entire way.

I was getting hits like this all day

The first session I wore my gloves, but that basically kicked my a$$, and was wearing out my forearms. So I took them off and sailed gloveless.

The Atlantic waters here are still quite warm, and I was stoked to have no problems going bare handed, despite air temps in the lo to mid 40s.

Nice tube eh?!

Here is the beginning of the sequence which was my best wave of the day.

couple of S turns before the...

wave hits the sand bar

throwin some spray

go backside again and slow it down to let that wave jack back up

now we're talkin


one last turn

Shore break was challenging today. You had to swim your gear out just past the shorepound. But still, had no troubles getting out, and was not denied a single time.


but just depower and let it detonate in front of you before popping up an over the soup

Another fun wave, not Maui, but fun none the less! 3-4 turns yeehaa :)

Last wave of the day

gonna hit it


This is a shot of the work being done to repair some of the Damage from the recent epic storm on Friday the 13th, Nor-Ida.

pack it up jack it up

Some of the wild life here on the island. Funny, it’s the first time we didn’t see a single wild pony

Mid week forecast looks great. Come out here and join me!

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