Monday, December 14, 2009

Assateague Again

Sunday, yet another lo-pressure system cranked up the wind again, strong, albeit gusty southerlies blanketed the Delmarva. I headed down to Assateague for a solo mission, no photographer because it was spitting rain. I arrived around noon, which was dead lo tide. I rigged a 5.0 and rode the RRD, a great combo although I am missing that 90 ltr I broke a few weeks back.

Temps where unusually warm, in the lo 50s, but again the warm temps proved to be a curse rather than a blessing, serious decoupling. Yeah, slogging in a dry suit puts a serious strain on the forearms. Yah, the warmth is nice, but this time of the year, I’d prefer solid northerlies and temps in the lo 40s. I only lasted about two hours, but it was great to get out again. Some 3 turn waves, with fun lip smacks. The waves were holding up nice as the wind had touch of side off, and that yielded some steep ramps and nice aireals when I had the power!

The batteries are charged and we are impatiently waiting for that BIG day…..
Live 2sail

Ps-during an Assateague session about 3 weeks ago, I sprained the middle finger on my right hand. Not sure at what moment it happened, and it only started hurting later that night. Well after three weeks, it was still very sore, so I went in for a check up. I’d been sailing on it 2-3xs a week since injury, so its not like it kept me off the water.

Prognosis: severe sprain, no broken bones, and should heal in 6-8 weeks.


Rafn said...

I am a windsurfer and a rockclimber and am a bit too used to finger injury. My experience along with my rockclimbing friends is that those injurys can prolong for a long time.
You might want to check out some taping methods used by injured climbers, might help when back on the water.

Love your blog
fellow cold water windsurfer in Iceland

George Markopoulos said...

thanks for the tip. yeah, i may have to tape that finger with the index for extra support

Rafn said...

Taping the fingers to gather can be helpful and
this method has helped me alot after having some finger injurys.

My problem on the other hand is complete lack of wind :( and for this time of year that´s very strange..

Hope you recover soon!