Wednesday, December 2, 2009

We Support Each Other's Passions

You know my wife, Janis! As Mac says, she's my secret weapon when it comes to the photography on this blog. She tirelessly takes windsurfing photos, in nor'easters, she gets sand blasted on the north shore of Maui, she wraps up like an eskimo in the winter at Assateague, she drives up and down the beach during down wind'ers. All to get great shots of a sport we love. She's always been supportive of my windsurfing passion and never complains; yet ecourages me to get out there and strive for the next move; whether it be looping or wave riding.

Well, she's at it again! My awesome wife is following her passion of scrapbooking and I fully support her in her new Villa Scrapbook Studio venture. She's created a new website featuring her scrapbooks, which will quickly grow as we add more and more photos. She has created custom scrapbooks for weddings, graduations, birthdays and these are the gifts that stop the show. They are the envy of every event. These scrapbooks are heirlooms that will be cherished by future generations and passed down to children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. You should see all of my windsurfing scrapbooks. I'm the luckiest windsurfer alive to have a library of beautiful windsurfing scrapbooks documenting my adventures and progression in the sport.

After WaveJam 2009 , Janis made a sample scrapbook of one of the contestants, Ian Stokes. Click HERE to check it out. This is a slide show w/ music and should definately get some good memories firing up.

Outside of her creative life, she's now working with a very reputable eMarketing / eSurvey company called Constant Contact. If you or your company could use seriously affordable eMarketing solutions, this is the ticket. It's only about $15/mo.

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