Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene Day One

Windsurfing comes with no strings attached.
Day one of the event known as Hurricane Irene was for me bi-polar. Janis and I first arrived at Slaughter around 1pm, to find driving rain and ENE wind at about 35. Just as i finished rigging, thunder and lightening cracked what seemed like right over head, and I could hear Janis screaming over the gale that there was tornadic activity 20 miles south in Lewes. Damn! So close. Well, she pulled the plug on me, and I resigned to conceding day one to dangerous weather. Went home, showered, and had lunch. Lo and behold around 3.30 pm the tornado warnings were dropped, and the sky was clearing....somewhat. Took a bit of coaxing and arm twisting, but I climbed back into my wet shortie, and Janis and I jumped back in the truck for the 7 mile trip to Slaughter. Threw down a lightening re-rig of my 4.2 vogue and 75ltr RRD Wave Cult Quad, and hit the water..
I was LIT 
 Really fun ramps
and super strong wind = floaty jumps and soft landings 

nice backside rollers
Dont ask 

Caught a nice window in the storm, with a period with almost no rain 

Splash down 
On shore at this venue is super smooth,  much more fun than Lewes on N
With nice rollers to gybe off of
The quad is such a smooth gyber, lots of grip gives you the confidence to set the entire rail in the water
Started to get really dark
 with spitting rain
so i took a couple more runs and then called it a day
More on tap tomorrow when the wind will clock around to the NW 
time to pack it up jack it up!
Secret Spot will be going off tomorrow!

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