Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hood River - The Wall

The venue Friday was east of Maryhill, an awesome place to sail  called The Wall
(Photo courtesy Alan White)
I was stoked when a couple friends from The Charlotte crew called to let me know they where in town. They've come to the gorge many times and have the placed dialed. So when they told me to come to the Wall, I was there!
My ride yesterday
RRD 75 ltr Wave Cult Quad Ltd 
Adventure awaits 
This is the launch, swim your gear out to the river, waterstart and blast off 
This guy is coming in for a break 
Donald Obst-great sailing with you-hope you can make it to Hatteras next month

Looking west 

So cool to have the blast way off wind with no regard for getting back, the current is that strong. 

The Hatch is on tap for Saturday.

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