Friday, August 5, 2011

Hood River, Oregon

I've been out here since Monday on a business trip, and beleive it or not, tonight was the first time I got out on the water! Trust me, it hasn't been for lack of wind, this place is a machine....Unreal really. A veritable wind tunnel.  The climate is amazing, no humidity, temps mid 80s, just fabulous. Very Maui-esq. in that regard..

Mount Hood
Any how, finally got out this evening for a sunset sesh at Rowena, and sailed till sunset.. So cool to be sailing in between these tall mountains, with vertical cliff walls rising up on either side of the river. The wind just rips thru this place..
I was lit on the RRD free style wave 80 and a Loft Lip Wave 5.2.
Feels like you're rigging on the set of an old western 
My ride, a jeep 
I came in just in time to snap this shot of the sun going down between the chasm 

I'm here thru sunday and the forecast is for alot more wind. Looking to hit the Hatch.
Stoked for sure..

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Waterturtle said...

Some of the local Charlotte crew is there this week too...Alan, Donald, Dmitri. Look out for them.