Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricane Irene-Day Two Full Report

Day two in Delaware for Hurricane Irene began for me at Lewes main beach in stormy seas. It was howling!
I was a little concerned about the police and/or national guard telling me I couldn’t sail. I mean, technically we probably weren’t even supposed to be out driving around! So when we first pulled up to Lewes around 10am, I hastily carried my stuff out to the waters edge, and clandestinely rigged on the other side of the dune, a bit of a pain in 40 knots, but a necessary hedge to ensure I could get on the water. ;)
I gotta say for Lewes, it was the first time I was ever blown off the water.  I can sail a 4.2 in 50 knots at the baby pool, but not in side off conditions at Lewes. It was blowing WSW, which is very off shore, in the direction of the break wall and the ocean beyond. It was blowing steady 40, gusting to 50. Ramps where vertical and short spaced. Every aerial was a nose dive waiting to happen. Gybing was possible in the beginning, then next to impossible when it got super windy. In the offshore conditions, I wouldn’t have been able to paddle back if something went wrong.  On one bail out, way on the outside my stuff flew away from me, in a direction away from the beach, and I found that I  could barely swim to catch up to it, I knew it was time to hit the baby pool. That inner voice told me it was time to step away. So I sailed back to the beach and unrigged, while Janis admonished for leaving good wind on the table at lewes

Nice to sail with Jake Agoos today down in Dewey
The entire day I was on high alert for floating debris, which is always a risk when sailing in, and after, big storms. Didn’t see much however, though I suspect it will take a few days before flotsam begins to show up?
Big aearials
Switched to 28” mono lines this weekend, and love the way my rig handled.
Gybing on the inside thru the pyscho chop 
Jake getting his groove on
Jake was crankin on his 4.2

Time to pack it up 

In hindsight, the sesh Saturday at slaughter was my favorite. Well powered the entire time, and character of the water was much more organized. So nice.

Irene was fun, but I’m glad to see her leave. I don’t think I’d want to go thru anything stronger than a Cat 1. From Saturday 6pm thru about Sunday 4am was the most intense times I’ve ever experienced. Tornados bearing down on my home. Yikes. That said, the sailing was indeed epic. Hope those folks in Hatteras heal up quick, they took quite a pounding


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