Monday, April 12, 2010

Windsurfer International Issue 7

The latest online edition of Windurfer International is hot off the press!

Click on the image below to peruse this free E-zine publication.

Great Work Brian!

On an ancillary note, the girls played well yesterday, but lost to Epan in the semifinal round. They up 13-11 in the tiebreaker, but just couldn't close it out. At not quite 13 years, they for the most part don't yet possess that killer instinct to put a team away when they have their collective foot on an opponents neck. That will come with time. Bottom line, we've got a great group of girls who are only gonna get better!

Here are a few shots from the action at yesterdays regional tounament/national qualifier, which btw began at 7.30am and continued until well past 10pm.

That ref made two horrendous calls, and i point out again that the margin of victory was points.
Not trying to make excuses, but these girls worked their tails off, and the is the least the ref can do to be on his game an make the right calls. They need instant replay in Club-Travel Volleyball. Sheeesh

A few final shots: Fog this morning in Delaware.
A gull riding shotgun over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge


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