Monday, April 19, 2010

Windsurfing Gear For Sale

My new team gear from RRD will be arriving soon, so I have alot of stuff to let go.

This is probably the primo offering: Ezzy 7.0 along with carbon mast, carbon boom, and carbon extension. You can have the entire kit for $500. Note, this kit was used perhaps 5 times. Mint condition
****UPDATE***** the 7.0 kit is sold!
Ezzy Carbon Masts-$150 each
***Update only the 400 is still available***
Simmer 6.1 $175. note this sail has never been used-brand spankin new
Simmer 5.6 $145.  I've used this sail maybe 5-6 times.
Carbon Booms: 2 fiberspar ($175 each) and one Hawaiin Proline ($250)
***Update-all booms Sold***
Ezzy 4.5. Still a lot of life left in this one. $100
Sailworks 3.6 great storm sail. Yours for $100
Epic board bag, with wheels. Never been used. $50
Dakine mast bag. Holds several masts. $30
If you're interested, I'd be stoked if you emailed me

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