Tuesday, August 17, 2010

More Pics From "Azz" Island-Monday's Sesh

So yeah, I scored an awesome afternoon of wavesailing on Monday. Forecast was for 4 foot period swell with a 10 second period, and solid SW 10-15 thermals.. Conditions not to be missed. So we left the house after lunch, and i was on the beach rigging around 1pm. Sailed till close to 7pm. I'm telling you, the standup paddling has kept me in solid shape, and despite the fact that the wind has been very fickle this summer, I feel like I'm in great sailing shape. Bring on the Hatteras Wave Jam! I'm ready!!
love it when those waves faces get etched with white foam.
going back side is fun, and also a great way to gain upwind real estate
three straight days of east wind kept me on my toes when launching
Love those big ones-lots of water moving around, its a super cool feeling
Light winds again, makes tacking is a critical skill to maintain position
Up an over-and out of the straps too

This is a good shot because it shows the technique critical to light wind wavesailing. You can see my front foot is out of the straps and up against the mast base. In light wind wavesailing, most of the sailing is slogging and out of the straps, and only slide into them you are on a wave
And here the wave has walled up vertical, so I'm now taking that front foot and slipping into the straps to begin the ride
Now you know you've caught the wave, and let the good times roll!
I'm so digging my new RRD sails. Very powerfull for the marginal summertime conditions here on the Delmarva penninsula.
Great sunset to a great day of wavesailing on the Delmarva
Contact me here if you'd like to sign up for one of my wavesailing coaching sessions.
Live2-wave-sail :)

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