Friday, August 6, 2010

Sail & SUP Sesh At Assateague

Finally some waves! Marginally powered, but  hey, there were WAVES!
 Yah they where disorganized and sloppy.
But I wasn't complaining :)
lots of good stoke out there with Brent, who flies an RRD Kite
Sam P. was killing it. 
Sam was starting quarterback for Delaware State just before Joe Flacco
What I'm saying is he's a damn good athlete
I think his trip to Maui this past winter is paying dividends
I was digging my new RRD FSW 101 LTD
just enough volume to get me out to the waves in very little wind.
the 101 fsw is my light wind board, and I can easily uphaul it in zero wind.

The wind dropped off so we took the a couple sups out into the waves and had an absolute blast

Sam was digging that Wassup 11, which is convertible to windsurfer

I was pretty excited to have finally gotten a day with a bit of  wind and waves!
a final puff came thru late in the evening, so it was time for one last quick sesh

sun was setting so time to pack it up

ps-bring on Hatteras Wavejam and the tropical season!

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