Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'll Have A Blue Christmas Without You

No, not the Elvis Presley Classic Blues song, but a solid bump-n-jump sesh on the Wave Cult 90 and 4.7 Wave Vogue. All decked out in Blue today.
The 4.7 wave vogue is such a tunable sale. Tweak the downhaul just a smidge as conditions change.
Wind was not as strong today as I would have like, but still well powered. 
Water temps in the mid 30s and air temps a balmy 38 degrees, but plenty of sun made the session a blast, and I wan't cold at all.
Cool shot
Its been the coldest December for as long as I can remember here in Delaware. All of our ponds have been frozen over for several weeks now. This small pond in my community is frozen over solid.
But the deeper water venues are still liquid, so I keep on sailing..

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