Monday, December 27, 2010

The Day After-The Epic Christmas Blizzard Of 2010

The plan was to go sailing today. I mean, this storm had the barometric pressure of a category 1 Hurricane.
It was HOWLING today, and with temps around 30, it was warmer than expected. BUT......Delaware was under a state of emergency, and the roads where in BAD shape. LOTS of cars getting stuck, and I personally helped 3 cars get out...We got perhaps 14 inches here in Milford
It just wasn't in the cards to go sailing today.
This guys got his F350 stuck

That said, it was one heck of an adventure driving around, both on and OFF the road.. Here are some shots from today... Oh, these are from coastal Delaware, around Milford and Slaughter Beach.

Signs down all over 
I got into a rhythm, and really couldn't see the road, but i just followed the power lines. 
My Dodge Ram can get thru anything

just too much fun
Frozen Tundra 
Jake, did you make it back from Long Island w/your gear? Looking forward to sailing with ya soon.


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Jake said...

haha, just saw this today