Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Look Back At 2010- And On To 2011

Happy New Year everyone. What a fantastic year of windsurfing! Windsurfing is such a great sport because there is always something new to learn, each session taking steps with better technique, or more intense conditions. Looking back over the past few years, I'd say 2008 was memorable for my first forwards, and of course that Tropical Storm Hana sesh at the point where it was a major milestone just getting off the beach, and because it was my first time in really big Hatteras waves. Yeah I've sailed Hawaiin winter time surf on Maui, but Maui has nothing on Hatteras.
In 2009, the solo sesh at Assateague during hurricane Bill, as it was in very light wind and pretty big
waves too. 

2010 began with the epic Lewes sesh when I tore my Labrum - which later had to be surgically repaired. That sesh cost me 3 months off the water. You just know Janis caught the picture of the very jump that messed up my shoulder right? She doesn't miss much :)
Lewes - January 2010

September came around, and so did the Hatteras Wave Jam. The Ocracoke sesh was my personal all time best sailing sesh, EVER. I'm still buzzing from that day. That day was memorable, because I not just made it in mast high+ conditions, but I actually was able to get comfortable and and got into a rythem out there, and began carving the waves in a proper fashion, even getting a bit aggresive at times....
Ocracoke - September 2010
My goals for 2011 are to get more aggresive in big surf. Bring it on, can't wait!


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