Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mystic Force Drysuit Now On Sale

Simply the most technologically advanced suit on the market. Take one for a test spin today-the rental fee of $30 will be applied toward your purchase.
Why wait until spring when there is great wind and waves to be shredded?

Here is what one our recent customers had to say about the suit, "My new Mystic Force suit worked great. I went out the Monday after Christmas which was about 32 air temp and somewhat icy water. I came out completely dry and was plenty warm, I didnt have any nasty catapults or anything but I gained a lot of confidence in the suit".

***The Mystic Force Drysuit, now on sale at Delmarva Board Sport Adventures***

1 comment:

Lano said...

I want one of the jackets, do you ship to OZ? Free accomodation if delivered in person :)