Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Virtual Swap Meet-Only At Delmarva Board Sport Adventures

Delmarva Board Sport Adventures, the leading Standup Paddle and Windsurfing provider in Delaware and Maryland, stoking the fire 24/7, is proud to announce the virtual swap meet.

I don’t know about ya’ll, but every time I went to swap meet , the day always turned out to be super windy, and I missed a sesh. Not cool, espcially if it turns out I didn’t sell any gear.

Delmarva Board Sport Adventures has created the concept of a virtual-windsurfing swap meet. Essentially a consignment shop, we’ll advertise your gear for sale on the Delmarva Board Sport Adventures Consignment page. As a means to generate interest, ocassionaly we may also advertise your gear on Live2sail as way to drive traffic to the E-consignement shop. You'll benefit from the high internet traffic generated from Live2sail AND Delmarva Board Sports. When there is interest in the gear, we’ll facilitate the communication, and ultimately the sale.
Sure, you may have that gear listed for sale in another online forum, but has it sold yet? How long has it been sitting there w/no active interest? Try the Delmarva Board Sport consignment page, its costs nothing to you until the gear sells. At point of sale, a commission of 25% is deducted from the sale price. We'll handle the financial transaction, and we will send you a check for the difference. IMO a small price to pay if you can get rid of that redundant piece of equipment. All we need to get started is detailed photos of the gear, short description, and asking price. What have you got to lose?
Email George if you'd like more information.

The Virtual Swap Meet, only at Delmarva Board Sport Adventures.

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