Sunday, January 9, 2011

Stone Cold Stoke Classic

Sunday was a fun day at the Lewes Main beach. Well powered 5.3 conditions. Not the 30-40 we were hoping for, but still fun, and great to get the first sesh of 2011 in, especially w/o any shoulder injuries like my first sesh of 2010.
Air temp was 27 degrees, water temp 32, but perfect sunny skies and my Mystic Force dry suit made the sesh easier than I expected.
With the Mystic Force suit, you can wear sweats underneath. I was wearing my Addidas gym pants, along with a turtle neck and hoodie. This shot is actualy AFTER my sesh when I was derigging. Completely dry. 
I rode the RRD Wave Cult 90 ltr, felt like I might need the extra volume. 
 Great to meet and get to know Jake Agoos today. Nice work out there today.
I rigged a 5.3, but easily could have been on a 4.7.
We had about 6 inches of snow on saturday, although most of it had blown away
Good to sail with a buddy in extreme conditions
I tried to keep it close to the vest today 

Pretty dead on high tide while we where out so the sand bar wasn't really breaking

Wait to sail this spot at lo tide Jake. 

Makin the best of it 

This one was pretty big 
I tried my best to keep it lo and slo, but sometimes ya just gotta get the lead out 
another one
Throwin some spray
Post sesh 
Check out the ice on the sail 
Pretty cool eh? 
Time to pack it up, get home and watch some football


PeconicPuffin said...

Good work, gents! Same here!

Jake said...

awesome day, cant wait to get back out there.

Jake Agoos said...

awesome day, can't wait to sail with ya again soon george

George Markopoulos said...

its pretty cool when you can be out there and have fun in conditions that will KILL you in a matter of minutes -but for the hi tech gear we have on and under your feet

Silent Ink. Productions said...

Very Jealous up here in Rhode Island. Great Shots - Brrrrr... Made me cold seeing the 27 degrees on your thermometer.

Check out our new video of RI Windsurfing -

-Silent Ink. Productions