Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hurrricane Bill Day 3-Logo high+ at Assateague

On Sunday, we'd gotten tied up most of the day taking care of some projects around the house. And frankly, after the epic day served up by Hurricane Bill on day one, I was content. HOWEVER, around 4pm, I checked the readings and saw that a thermal had come up, Assateague was blowing 17, gusts to about 17 (lol)! So we dropped everything, hopped in the truck and headed south. After 10 minutes I realized I'd forgotten my harness. Sheeesh! So long story short, I'm on the beach rigging at 5.30 pm. Sun was starting to drop, the waves exploding on the outer bar where easily logo high, some bigger. At this point, it was blowing maybe 10 knots, enough to slog out and ride a few.

And ride a few I did! The waves where absolute perfection, glassy faces, actually glassy everywhere, but oh sooooo smooth and groomed to perfection. Omg, It was like disney land. When the waves are that big, the lounge is so comfortable. and sparkling with foam. The water was alot more blue today Ken. Amazing contrast to Friday.

The wind was so lite even the kiters where grounded. Omg I'm still buzzing from those waves. So much water moving out there, a huge thrill for sure. Check back for the action shots! This post was just tease.

What a weekend!

I want more......



Ken K said...

I can tell the waves were awesome by the way the peak stretches across the entire photo. And much bluer/clearer water. Nice.

I guess you didn't need your harness after all?

George Markopoulos said...

Ken, you're right. I think I spent less than 5 seconds hooked in. I really didn't need the harness.
The action shots are pretty sweet.its funny, I know friday was absolutely epic, but now I can't remember a single ride. All I can see in my mind now is those huge pulses of energy approaching the outter bar as I'm slogging toward them.......and the also the ones I was able to catch was pure heavan, perhaps the most fun I've ever had

wsurfn1426 said...

Does "logo" high mean the Ezzy logo?