Monday, August 10, 2009

Fun Schlog sesh

Fun weekend on the Delmarva, but super hot, pushing 100 degrees, and hardly any wind. But that didn't keep me off the water....

Kristin is down for week with here friend. On Saturday they were able to do scrapbooking with Janis

Exploring Primehook and Turkle pond with Kim

and the dunes of Assateague on Sunday


The wind (What little there was) was dead offshore

Today i learned that the best time to water/beach start in super light wind is right off the top of a wave. The wind accelerates up the face, and you get a little gust that helps you step up.

Had a tough time getting to the outter and could only ride shorebreak

Nice barrrels huh!?

Southern Pride


If I could only get out there and ride one...

instead of the cr@ppy shorebreak.

And where did that one come from!

Its all good. Any day of sailing is a great day of sailing..

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