Saturday, August 22, 2009

EPIC Assateague Fires As Hurrricane Bill Sends It

All photography by Janis Markopoulos
Assateague was firing today. Was one of the best days I’ve had on the island. The waves where meaty and long, with a lot of punch to em. Janis and I pulled onto the beach around 9am, and I sailed until 5. The waves as lo tide hit around 2pm really ramped up. Bill started to show his teeth.
Shot of the day: Ken Kellar on a nice one.

Nice open faces

By 3.30 is, the big boys from Bill began to hit the outer bar, and it was simply amazing. Lots of water moving out there.

This was one of my best waves of the day


Some more cool shots

After days like, this I have a tough time sleeping. Just to much adrenalin flowing and its tough to come down. Woke up at 3am put this post together.

Ken Kellar

I caught so many waves today, just began to get into a groove. gybe onto a swell and ride it back in

Ken on a beautiful wave

Great Shot!

I love playing in the white water

I was watching ken from the beach when he caught this one. That wave broke just as he caught it and it literally exploded around him. All you can see is his head as he’s engulfed in white water.

Just a great great shot!

I got too far out in front of this one and

It dumped on me and took me dowm

believe it or not, this wasn't bad, and actually was a lot of fun. that thing exploded behind me and swept me off my feet so to speak

hold on and enjoy the ride

We launched just shy of high tide. Decent current, but not really a problem.


Ken arrived about 10am just as I came in after my first session. He'd been on travel on the west coast. Wasn't scheduled to come home until Friday night. Well that just wasn't working for me. I needed my pal out there with me. So on wedensday, I went to work on him, told him it was gonna be epic, best day of the summer, not to be missed...hehehe. So he changed his internary, caught an early flight home Thursday afternoon. He leaves Idaho around noon, switches planes in Denver, arrives in Baltimore Thursday everning, catches a taxi home to Frederick, gets home around 11pm. Wakes up at 5am Friday, heads to the coast and arrives on the island around 10am! Epic journey eh!?!

Ken headin out at high tide

And boy was he rewarded for his efforts. This is his first wave of the morning! Oh man what a great day!!

Early on I was draggin so a Redbull break was in order

A fun early morning wave

Ken on an early one

This was such a great moment....

an early morning wave, Ken's first session. He's headin out, a decent wave, and i yield right of way to him and

bottom turn around him, hooting and hollaring the whole time

as Ken looks back to hoot and hollar back... ahhhhhhhh priceless

Right about here I think I asked Ken if he was glad he came..........


These guys where out all day. The current would sweep them down the beach, and they'd walk back do their trucks and do it again

Another ride by Ken

A smaller one with Ken in the foreground

The wind was light today. Marginally powered 5.8, and very little planing. Ken has perfected the uphaul on the wave face!

Great Great day on the Delmarva

BTW-did you see the Dallas Cowboys play last night? They looked great. Now can they do it in December this year?

Happy sailors!

Looks like there is a chance for an afternoon blow again today. We’re gonna head back to Assateague this afternoon.



Ken K said...

Thanks for the hospitality and encouraging me to join you yesterday. Janis captured some great action. All the travel was a bit exhausting but well worth it! Surely not the biggest we've sailed at Assateague but maybe some of the longest and funnest waves thanks to Hurricane Bill.

Good luck if you try it again today.

PeconicPuffin said...

Looks like an excellent time was had!

Janis Markopoulos said...

I'm so proud of these guys. Their skillset improves with each session and we're happy that Bob and Andy are now riding the ocean too. Bob and Andy, you have to come to Wave Jam with us. Now, if we could just get some looplicious conditions WITH SOME WIND!

Anonymous said...

Glad you caught it, twas a FUN day. Could have sworn I saw some kiters out there having a good time too. Share the luv buddy.

Steve S

George Markopoulos said...

Hahaha. OK Steve, you called me out. Next time ya'll buz by us on your downwinder we'll snap a few shots. I may even post em up!