Thursday, August 20, 2009

Collective Soul

Last night Janis and I saw Collective Soul live at Ramshead in Baltimore. We’ve seen the many times now and they never disappoint. These pics are from my blackberry (quality isn’t the best).

Technology is amazing isn’t it? I’m face-booking from the front row of the concert and posting pictures for the world to see on a real time basis. Pretty cool..

Ramshead is a very small venue. Standing room only really, with balconies to watch the show from above, a pit to dance in, and several bars that serve your beverage of choice.

Janis and I watched from the pit in front of the stage.  Had there been seats, our position would have been the 3rd row. Man they rocked the place.

Now to turn my attention to Hurricane Bill, hopefully he’ll rock the place over the weekend. We’re headed to the coast tonight after work. Ken is supposed to meet me, and we’ll decide on the venue  as conditions dictate. Probably Assateague. Should be some pretty intense conditions, so know your limitations. I know I hope to test mine….

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