Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tower Road Monsoon Sesh

 Stan and I sailed Tower Road Wednesday.The day was interesting, we didn't get the 30-40 knots we were hoping for, but I'm not complaining. The morning sesh was in eerily warm 60ish degree weather, no gloves. super windy out of the SSE, and spitting rain at times.

For the afternoon sesh, the temperature dropped 15 degrees, but the wind held strong 
I had a blast on the 76ltr RRD Wave Thruster. 
Stan showed up an we had a blast
Splash down 
Cool shot 

I had a short window for the morning sesh, so I rigged big, a 5.3 

Delmarva Board Sport Adventures had a meeting with the Indian River Life Saving Museum, at noon, so I wanted to be sure I scored my insurance sesh 

I love this shot
Stan and I just blasting.. I'd catch some air....
and then Stan would 
Stan tweaked 
....and then he exploded-Great shot!! Yeah, this is as fun as it looks
Had my fair share of explosions too, and its all good
It turned very stormy, and it was sureal to be out there
I like these storm shots because they don't look like any other pic I've seen of Tower

Then the wind clocked around, picked up, sun peaked thru the clouds, and we rigged down 
temperature dropped too, so I had to put the gloves on

throwin some spray 
Love my 4.7 Wave Vogue
Water at Tower is so much cleaner in the fall
time to pack it up 
So yeah, another fun day here on the Delmarva


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Anonymous said...

saw your post on session last tues. thanks for letting me demo the 76 lTD RRD wave Thruster. it was amazing how it floated thru the lulls and flew in the gusts with loose carves and easy bump jumps. The pics were great as usual