Sunday, February 10, 2008

Swell still pumping

All the pros where at Hookipa today. This is Jason Polakow on a wave he told me was about 5 foot. Looked a helluva alot bigger to me.

Here is JP making a bottom turn

Here is a beautiful off the lip. Not sure on the rider, but he was ripping.

Here is a bottom turn by Keauli Seadi, current world wave champion

I like this one. Thats Kevin Prtichard in front, and Jason Polakow on the wave in back.

Here is a huge back loop, although I'm not sure who the rider is.

Talked to Kevin Pritchard again.

Full disclosure forces me to say up front that none of these Hookipa shots are of me. We sat on the overlook and watched the pros just rip every single wave to shreds. It was awesome to watch. Oh, Jason told us that they are expecting Jaws to go off on tuesday into wedensday. He gave us directions. Ken, it's just past Maliko Gulch on the road to Hana. Turn left just after that cementary overlooking the ocean. We plan to go and watch.

Around two oclock, we went on down to sprecks, where bump n jump conditions prevailed, although the swell was pretty big. Great jumping conditions. Janis took this one of me which i'm pretty stoked about. I think was up about 15 feet at the very apex.

I should of done a chicken gybe in front of this one. It hit me in the face, and let me tell you, i just took 3 alleve. they pack a serious punch. Can only imagine what a Hookipa wave can do the inexperienced sailor. Ken, had to swim quite a ways for my kit.

There where maybe a half dozen sailors here today. So different than summer. Ken and Dave, I wish you both where here. we could have pushed each other to sail out to Spartans, which is where Robby sailed to from suger cover yesterday. Didn't see him today though. Kept looking to se US1111 launch at Hookipa, but he still hadn't shown by the time we left for Sprecks.

The waves on the outer break at sprecks where pretty big. I tempted fate a few times, went down a few as well. No real dues to speak of however. No threat of washing onto the rocks at sprecks.

Dave, the waves where breaking right in from of the main beach, and the sandbar must turned the breakers into a brownish color. looked alot like the walls of death in Hatteras.

Sailing Hawaii in the winter is a completly different animal then sailing here in the summer.

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