Thursday, July 24, 2008

Flat Water Speed Loopzzzzzzzzzzzz

Well Assateague is reverting back to the temptress we knew she was. After scoring fairly well there in may and june, I’ve been disappointed twice this week. First Saturday, and now yesterday.

Nico and I did in fact sail the ocean yesterday on 5.8s for little over an hour. But the forecasted wind never materialized, and as low tide approached in the afternoon, the wind seemingly backed off, and it was frustrating to not beable to wave sail with such a nice swell rolling in.

So Nico convinced me to give the sound a try. Let me tell you I was thoroughly impressed with that spot. While weeds were a serious issue in close (especially for me as I don't own a weed fin), if you sail out far enough, you’re rewarded with clean water and wind. We began on the 5.8s, and I tossed a few forwards, though the last one cost me a ripped sail. Still, I'm very stoked about trying forwards on the sound because up until now, I was convinced I would never try them on flat water. You just have to get going too fast, and I was frankly too scared. But now that I've started hucking them in the baby pool, there really is no venue that isn't "loopable" for me.

I was amazed at how well the ramps set up, sound side at Assateague, on a southwest.
For looping, you want to bear off on take off, and that’s just were the ramps were today. I couldn’t resist.

Assateague 7/23/08

By 5pm it was lit up 4.5 conditions bayside. I was riding my smallest board:

and two hundred yards away on the ocean side it was now blowing maybe 15. Very frustrating.

Hooked up with Nico Iamperia today. Hes replaced his lost equipment and is working on dialing his new gear. I'd say hes almost there eh!

Tried three loops today, and on the third one paid a pretty high price!

went thru the window when a less than fully committed attempt ended badly.

Good thing I have a brand new Simmer Kfkex! Now I have reason to toss it in the van.
My Ezzy 5.8 has been good to me though. So many great sessions. It even survied the Zamboni. But today its officially being retired.

Sailed till about 6.30, and then it seemed severe storms where getting closer, so we decided to wrap it up.

Here is the video from our first session on the sound. As it turned out, the second session would have been more interesting to watch because the wind picked to 4.5 condezions and was probably even 4.0.


Bill said...

Great post George and glad to hear you are hitting them in the flat h2o! Sorry about the sail, but yea, that new Simmer X-Flex 5.6m will be a fine replacement. Hey, when you are in Hatteras again this Fall, Olaf from Avon Sailhouse would likely be able to get that Ezzy back in sailing form to keep it out of retirement!

George Markopoulos said...

yeah, i was being a bit overly melodramatic with the retirement biz. I'll definately ask Olaf to fix it for me.

Andy said...

Nice! ...carnage!

George Markopoulos said...

i think i didn't sheet in hard enough. I was totally lit with the 5.8 (ended up rigging down to a 4.5) and basically went up and sheeted in, but didn't extend the front arm, nor look back. All that just precipitated the "power dive" nose first landing, and over the bars i went, and thru the sail!
LMAO loved it! you ought to see the bruise on my thigh.

all part of the learning curve i guess.