Sunday, July 20, 2008


Not sure whats up with that, but I was there from noon till about 6 pm, my 5.8 and 109 rigged on the beach. Waited all day for the wind to come up, but I never got any indication that it was sailable. You can then understand my consternation when I saw this wind graph. 20ish? I'm telling you there was barely a white cap out there.

I think its probably a sensor location thing, because as we drove back over the bridge to the mainland, the sound did look sailable. Lesson learned? SW readings are high for wavesailing at Assateague.

So it looks like its now gonna be three weeks off the water, and it will probably have been four before my next opportunity comes round. So basically I become not very pleasant to be around until the next opportunity. My apologies in advance to everyone that I come in contact with who I otherwise offend with my shitty disposition.

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