Sunday, July 27, 2008

Assateague serves it up, again!

NOAA was calling for 15-20. Conditions exceeded that, by a long shot!

Sailed the sound again. Just like wedensday, the port ramps where sweeeeet! Looplicious! didn't sail away today, though no damaged gear to report.

My new Simmer was so anxious to get powered up she jumped out of my hands!

Time to wrok on the rotation:

I expected sailable conditions, but not this! I was stoked! Show tiiiiiiiiiiime!!

Sailed my new Simmer 5.6. Rigged to perfection from the get go. I was impressed with the sail's range. I've lost no power from the 5.8. If you'd like to try one, Avon Sail House carries them. Stop by and see Olaf next time you're in Hatteras.

I was lit!

Pull with the back hand!

Pulled from the video

I stayed on the outside to avoid the weeds and the kiters:

Here is a slide show of some jumpin action. I tell you, the sound here at Assateague has fantastic ramps!

My friend Matt. It's nice to see young guys sailing.

Bruce Harrington

Love this new Simmer 5.6. I felt dialed within 10 minutes of sailing.

Ron Haritan and Bruce Harrington

Our new friend, Jeff Maakestad (on the right) from Pennsylvania

Having Fun!

I rigged that Simmer perfect the very first time. Here I'm saving those ideal settings in my pda.

I was skunked the first two weeks of July, but the past 10 days have been great! Gottta get those calluses toughened up for the fall sailing:

Wrap up to an epic day!

Thanks to my wife, Janis Markopoulos for taking photos today.

Kenny boy, you should have been here today! Shot some good jumping action with the helmet cam. Here is just a small clip from the video. Sorry for the editing, I just slapped this together before bed. More to come later.


Catapulting Aaron said...

Looks like a great sesh! I regret that I never sailed assateague! I did have some fun times at New Rd. in Dewey though...

Bill said...

Nice George! Glad to see you all are hitting it up there. From that meter report, looks like you definitely beat us down here. I sailed 5.3m marginally powered at Coquina Beach on Sunday.