Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Withdrawal symptoms

Ok, so I haven't sailed since June 30th. That was my last day in Hatteras, and I'm officially jonesin. So allow me to put up another video. Its a new one that, other than a few jumps, is entirely unimpressive. But like I said its new, and I can watch it and remind myself that yes I do windsurf, and blasting on the ocean, even when its flat, is pretty magical.

After watching it again, the music is completely wrong. In the mean time, I'm gonna start some medication to mitigate the withdrawal symptoms. Man I hope we get some this weekend.

Here is some video I shot with the helmet cam on our last day of the trip. Conditions where moderately powered 5.8 on the 91ltr. Lots of pretty high jumps, and a seemingly big swell, but very few down the line rides.

Here is the video:

Big jumps on the outside rolling swell:

Deep troughs on the backside make the jumps that much higher!


Andy said...

Deep breaths and lots of internet windsurf porn should get you through the lack of wind! Use the time to visualize those loops!

Bill said...

Hey George, me too!

My last day on the H2O was July 6 during the last Bermuda High. I should have hit every day of that event, rather than only one. I still have some remnants on my hands and feet from the LoopOff weekend, but am basically healed and ready to go again! We have had these NE teasers, but I am definitely ready for a return of solid SW. Hopefully sooonnnn!!! Good news though is that the 4runner will be back on the beach for the next sesh!

George Markopoulos said...

When the next solid two day event goes down, I'm there.

Anonymous said...

Time to get a Kona. I have sailed every weekend in the ocean in Hatteras. I would prefer to be fully powered on a 5.5 and 90L board but this is a good alternative. I was out last weekend in Rodanthie in those huge waves on my Kona. That was an experience. The one good thing is the waves were breaking so far out that hitting the bottom with the mast was not an issue. The only reason I came in is because the wind dropped and I did not have the power to run from the breaking waves. If I would have gone further south I think I would have been OK