Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Fast Times At The Canadian Hole

We had so much action over our 4 day stay this past weekend and I have lots of material I haven't even touched yet so keep checkin back.

These are 3 great shots of Ken bumpin' and jumpin'.

Photograher: My amazing wife, Janis Markopoulos.

I just love messin' around on the hole!

Save my parkin' space Billy D, I'll be back soon!

Here is a short video of our warm up sesh at the hole. We wanted to blast around and dial our sails in for the main event later that afternoon at Ego.

We had so much fun speedin' and weavin'. I was following behind Ken with the helmet cam and we we're just havin' a blast. Enjoy!

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PeconicPuffin said...

I like the NP logo on the bottom of your board. Looks like good chop hopping at the Hole!

Can't wait to get back to Hatteras, but may need to wait until October. Hopefully will get there sooner!