Saturday, January 3, 2009

Low Water Warning In Rehoboth Bay

The forecasted conditions didn’t materialize today. I was expecting NW 15-25 with higher gusts. What I ended up sailing in was about 12 knots, with gusts to about 12 knots. Still, if you're a regular reader of this blog, you should know my policy by now: Any day of sailing is a GREAT day of sailing!

When I woke up, temps were in the 20s, and the wind was blowing in the upper teens. Encouraged by the readings, Janis and I cruised on down to Tower but the wind had dropped by the time we got there. On top of that, the past week of strong wind had blown a lot of the water out of the bay.

All that being said, the water depth, light wind, and cold temps (40 degrees) didn’t keep me off the water today.

The conditions where perfect for out of the harness-callus-buildup practice and freestyle training.

So you had to walk your stuff out quite a ways.

I used my tiny freestyle fin

I worked on heli-tacks and..

Sailing fin first.

I found the weather down right balmy! Janis thought I was nuts.

In between sessions, it made sense to leave your kit out on the sandbar rather than carry it to the beach only to again schlep it on back out

I had a blast!

Time to pack it up-jack it up-bring it on home!

Any day of sailing…….

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Lano said...

We share the same thought process when it comes to light wind sailing, any day sailing is a good day sailing. All of the light stuff we did before christmas is now paying off big time. Kym and I are now gybing a lot more frequently as well as quick tacks. All of these skills honed while sailing in light winds.