Monday, January 5, 2009

Great Moments From 2008

Some shots from the great action of 2008. As with all shots on this blog, you can click on each picture to get the full screen view. Enjoy!

George Markopoulos, Sprecks, Maui 2008

Bill Bell Charging Tropical Storm Hana, Lifeguard Beach Sept 08

Niko Iampieri on a meaty Assateague wave, Oct 2008

George Markopoulos, Big Assateague Jump, Oct 2008

Andy McKinney, Ego Beach June 2008

George Markopoulos-Sprecks 2008

George Markopoulos in a tight spot! Sprecks, Maui Feb 2008

Donald Obst, Ego Beach June 2008

Keith McCulloch needs air traffic control! Ego Beach June 2008

George Markopoulos, Sandy Point, Md. July 2008

Andy McKinney, The Canadian Hole, June 2008

Niko Iampieri, Broadkill Beach Oct 2008

Keith McCulloch lit on a 3.5 - Tropical Storm Hana, The Canadian Hole

George Markopoulos, Kanaha, Maui Feb 2008

Tropical Storm Hana, Donny Bowers at The Canadian Hole

George Markopoulos, Aggressive at Assateague May 2008

George Markopoulos, Assateague, May 2008
This photograph became my first cover shot for the July '08 issue of the New England Windsurfing Journal

George Markopoulos, Sprecks, Maui Feb 2008

George Markopoulos, Tower Road, New Years Eve 2008

George Markopoulos, Birthday Sesh, Assateague Oct 2008

George Markopoulos, Forward Loop, Lifeguard Beach June 2008

Ken Kellar, Big surf at Assateague, March 2008

George Markopoulos, Mid loop-the first time

Ken Kellar, Ocracoke, Sept 2008

George Markopoulos going backside, Assateague Oct 2008

Keith McCulloch, Ocracoke Sept 2008

George Markopoulos, Assateague, Soundside August 2008

Niko Iampieri, Assateague Aug 2008

George Markopoulos, The Canadian Hole, June 2008

Ken Kellar, The Canadian Hole, June 2008

George Markopoulos, The Canadian Hole, June 2008


Lano said...

Nice photo's George, some great angles there!

Aaron said...

Awesome pics. I began following your blog late summer ’08 and wanted thank you for the great content…by the way, the full size pics are a nice touch. As a freezing cold NYC area windsurfer, your content helps make the wait for spring bearable. Keep rippin in ’09!!

Anonymous said...

-those pictures are some of the best put up on this blog all year!