Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Eastern Shore Ice Storm

Woke up to a one inch coating of ice on, well, on everything. Travel is extremely hazardous. So we went sledding!

Gotta get my van cleaned off. We have a good forecast for Saturday.

For those of you who aren't aware, freezing rain is a type of precipitation associated with a temperature inversion air mass in cold climates. It is described as precipitation that begins as snow at higher altitude, falling from a cloud towards earth, melts completely on its way down while passing through a layer of air above freezing temperature, and then encounters a layer below freezing at a lower level to become super cooled. This water will then freeze upon impact with any object it encounters, namely roads, cars, sidewalks, power lines, etc.

When the ice builds up, the weight on the power lines often causes them to come down, and neighborhoods frequently lose power. Good thing we heat our home with a wood stove huh. Our streets is pretty slick

Where is the rock salt?

On the positive side, it doesn't take much for the ice to begin to break up. The eastern side of the Chesapeake was already thawing this weekend. Here is Terrapin Park (photo taken this past Sunday morning), and despite the storm yesterday and today, my sense is that the ice will continue to thaw out there.

In fact, there is absolutely no ice on the western side. Here is Sandy Point.

Ice is breaking up in Kent Narrrows as well.

Niko Iampieri from an epic session we scored back in October

Ken Kellar from a fun Assateague session back in June

BTW, Have you seen Giampalo's latest video of wavesailing at Kanaha? It literally brings tears to my eyes.


Andy said...

Man, ice storms are the worst... You can't go ski or sled or anything, driving anywhere is literally taking your life in your hands, and the power almost automatically goes out because the trees can't hold up with all that weight on them... i can have fun virtually anywhere, anytime, but ice storms are just a pain in the ass!

Andy said...

Glad you got out there and did some sledding anyway!!

Ken K said...

Good memories George. It seems so long ago. You know it's bad when Andy and Bill talk about being "green" and getting exhausted and sore from their recent sessions.

George Markopoulos said...

Wont be long now. I'm predicting epic assateague by mid-february.