Monday, February 2, 2009

Sprecklesville, Maui

Stuck in the middle of East Coast winter, all I can do is dream of Maui

Photos from 2/14/08
The surf on the outerbreak was 15-20 foot, Hawaiin measurement

SAME SHOT different perspective. look at the outer break on the upper left. Click on the picutre to enlarge! HUGE

Can you say, "CHICKEN GYBE"

Again, look at the swell on the outside. Click on the photo to enlarge

Hit that nugget and go front side!

Havin a blast!

Getting worked

I like this sequence!

Click on this photo to enlarge it. Look at the colors! Amazing

Comin back in, with a grin and smile bigger than the swell breaking on the outside!






I've said before that the sunsets at the Canadian Hole are pretty spectacular, but the south shore of Maui looking over at Lanai aint to shabby either!

Spring is just around the corner.......


Anonymous said...

SOME great pictures

Lano said...

You are commiting grosse acts of self cruelty to yourself! But I like it!

George Markopoulos said...

I warn everyone before their first trip to maui.....they'll never be same