Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fiery Sunset Sesh

Photography by Janis Markopoulos

The was forecast to fill in late afternoon saturday and thats just how it went down.

So in the morning, I tended to the gear, and then after lunch, we watched the movie Nights in Rodnathe. Bill, your critique was pretty accurate.

So at any rate, we watch movie and it ends around 3.45, and i hear the wind chimes blowing on the porch. A quick check of the readings showed upper teens at Tower, so we hopped in the van and I was on the water by 4.15

Click on this picture to enlarge. Check out those colors!

5.8 on the floaty board, and the short freetstyle fin.

I was well powered, and I sailed for about and hour and half right up to sunset.

The ramps where like ankle high (lol), but even still, you could find a few to jump. And it was a blast.

I like how the colors change thru this gybe sequence:

For those who've never sailed Tower, keep an eye out for the sand bars. Early on in the sesh, I got pitched. Dangerous...

So I came in and changed to my freestyle fin

I was out there as the sun was going down and I knew we had some spectacular photos!
Reminded me of sailing at The Canadian Hole, where sunsets like this seem to happen just about every day.

In case your wondering why they call this venue Tower Road... U Boat look out towers used during WW2.

You can really see the new panel Olaf put in when he repaired this sail. Avon Sailhouse does great work, so give them a call if that ripped sail needs some work.

Big forecast and Gale warning for Sunday. I'm ready...saddle up.


Bill said...

Hey George,

With all the action at Tower Road this month, I was searching for this spot on the WindMap and could not find it. If it is not there, perhaps you should add an entry. I am curious where it is.

PS: Yea the movie NIR sucked, but I get a TON of blog traffic from searches on the movie. Perhaps more NIR movie searchers than OBX windsurfing searchers?! Ironically, Google ranks my "Local Review" near the very top of movie searches. I believe my review may be higher in the search rankings than Roger Ebert!

George Markopoulos said...

I'll check out the wind map and try to mark Tower.

Yeah, Tower is the default venue when the wind is west. no place else around here really works with that direction. So we're pretty much stuck with the shallow sound.
Still, any day of sailing.......

as to NIR, yeah, I knew you had mentioned you get a ton of traffic off that post. So ever the wise blogger, I thought I leverage that key word! lol

The front is starting to come thru now. Chimes are singing! I'm going sailing!

Atsushi said...

Congrats on pulling off the loop(s?)

Janis is super cool for encouraging and supporting your sailing!