Saturday, February 14, 2009

Epic February Sailing In Deleware

Without a doubt, Thursday was my all time best East Coast Delmarva session in February, bar none. Click here to see the amazing photographs. So what are the chances of following that day up with a solid 5.0day? 100%.

It was frankly, in my book, unprecedented. Two consecutive days of warm temps, warm water, and strong wind, in the middle of east coast winter! Extremely unsual, but then again, it was Friday the 13th.. Can't complain!

Strong wind for 24 straight hours pretty much blew alot of the water out the bay, so you had to carry your stuff out quite a bit.


But once out deep enough, you could blast!

Fairly well powered up 5.0 conditions today. A bit gusty though. No complaints!

No place I'd rather be..

So all three sessions so far in February have been sans gloves, which again, is unprecedented

Bob Ramsey sailed with me today. Bob, thanks for lending a hand changing that flat tire.

We had alot of fun, not much of a jumpin day, but any day of sailing.......

Flat, isn't it

Bob had "The Zamboni" dialed

Duck gybe

Step gybe

I nailed a few planing tacks today.

Andy Brant once told me tacking is all attitude. I agree....

To me, a smooth, high wind tack on a short board is one of the most satisfying moves..Just ripping upwind at full speed and throwing that sail down, and it gently settles back into your hands on the new tack.. :)

One final sesh on a floaty board and the same 5.0

Beautiful light

Flat, but still fun.

Just sailing along sailing cuz any day of sailing is a great day of sailing!

Pack it up

I think this brief tease of warmer weather is about to end. The temperature outside has dropped about 15 degrees seems like in just the past hour, and the grim prospect of a few more weeks of winter settles back in. I think we'll be wearing gloves again for the next session this week. The forecast talks about another strong coastal low effecting the Delmarva this Thursday and Friday. Gonna be super windy, but cold.

Oh well, spring is just a few weeks away. . Bring it on, life is good!

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