Thursday, February 12, 2009

Epic Tower Road

Steady 3.6 power + 77 ltr board + 65 degree temps + sun, on february 12th is priceless!!!

I'm at Tower Road right now in between sessions.The wind is west at about 30 gusting to 40. Absolutely perfect 3.6 conditions! Someone pinch me, this is unreal!

Details and tons of photos later, so check back....
I'm headed back out for another sesh....

My high wind stick

This first set of photos courtesy of Paul Overman. Thanks pal!!

Floaty Port jumps led to......

Huge splash downs! Click on this photo to see the full size.... Amazing

Today, the 3.6 was perfect. I was pretty dialed for most of the day, until it reached the nukin 3.6 level, almost as strong as my epic New Years Eve Sesh

Jumping in heavy winds is one of the most incredible feelings a windsurfer can experience. I mean, all you gotta do is get that board in the air, and you're going way up. Its like an express elevator to the top floor. I'm still buzzing from these jumps and its a feeling that lasts for a long time after you've unrigged and gone home.

yes, this is the baby pool, in 30-40 knots

Port is my jumpin side!

Another big splash down

And to score these conditions, with the sun beamin and temps pushing 70, in the middle of winter!! UNREAL!!

It was so windy that the wind often blew the chop flat in between the swells, and that was so much fun to carve a gybe off of!

It doesn't get any better than this!

You really gotta oversheet to gybe in heavy wind because

its the only way to depower the sail

I sailed alone from about 10am until James showed up around 1pm. I knew it was windy, but when you have someone else to sail with and watch, you can actually get a more visual representation. The spray comin off the back of his board out there was pretty awesome.

Here a few shots I took of my friend James Roe

Beautiful Light

He was lit on a 4.2

I like this one

...and shot of my new friend Dave from Lewes. He was making do with old school gear..

I'm so amped tonight I may not beable to get any sleep! What a day, AND, another huge forecast again for tomorrrow! Secret Spot anyone?


Anonymous said...

Hi George, sounds great. Tell me where is tower rd? somewhere off Kent Island? Wolfgang

Anonymous said...
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Outdrsmn said...

Had a Killer sesh here on the SW side of the Bay. I'll have a post up later with picks too.

Bill said...

Hey George! Looked like fantastic conditions up there! Hey, have you been pulling the trigger, aka back hand on the booms while on some of those jumps?! Plenty of height for a spin!

Looks quite looplicious out there, and the extra wetsuit padding helps for the occasional back splat!

George Markopoulos said...

ugh, you're calling me out Bill!
No, i didn't try any yesterday. I was pretty dialed but found it difficult to find the ramps downwid of me in the onshore conditions. Almost all of the jumps I was hitting where those that I had to bear up to hit, as opposed to bearing off like we learned during loopfest.

I'd love to have had you guys up here in that wind, so I could watch, be inspired, and learn. Its tough when you're all alone, like I was for a majority of the day.

But yeah, just another day I didn't toss a forward. Looking forward to sailing with you guys again, soon!

Aaron said...

Awesome pics. Totally capture the raw power of those winds! Good stuff. Can't wait for spring. Forcast for light snow in NYC next weekend...agggghhh!

George Markopoulos said...

Yeah, that wind was pretty powerfull. and with the sun beamin, it reminded me of Maui.
I mean, it routinely blows 4.0 or even 3.5 there, EVERY DAY.
and the amazing thing about maui, its a freak of nature, that sort of wind is normal there, every day! and it isn't drivin by a storm front (like we need here on the east coast), but just the by product of its location relative the high pressure always parked where it does far north in the pacific, and the geographic layout of the island, with the two High mountain ranges and the valley in between.
Can you tell I miss Maui? ahhhhhhhhh..........

Anonymous said...

Yeah George, looks like you had a lot of fun. photographs are stunning.
it killed me not to beable to be there. sorry i missed it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah George, looks like you had a lot of fun. photographs are stunning.
it killed me not to beable to be there. sorry i missed it.

Steve Cooper said...

Yeah, I like how that floaty feeling of jumping stays with you after a good day.