Thursday, February 5, 2009

On Chicken Gybes, Bail Outs, and Denials

Sprecks-Maui, winter time surf, zero shorebreak

For comparison sake, here is Assateague shorebreak on your typical day at high tide. Click on the picture to enlarge, looks like a miniature Teahupoo wave pounding right on the beach!

Headin out.

The chicken gybe is a pressure situation.....

Its funny, if you click on this one and enlarge it, you can see I'm looking over my shoulder to see if I'd made it w/o my clew getting caught in the white water. Hysterical!

Helmet cam gybe

Dana Miller once told me that back loops are a natural consequence of jumping waves. That rotating backward off a vertical face just happens naturaly. And that after a number of bailouts, you come to the understanding that its just safer to stay on the board, rather than drop out of the sky with the risk of landing on your stuff. Either way, its so much fun! Yeah, I need to trust it and keep the board on my feet.

Denied, painfully

Nice set up,


got mowed on by this one.


Epic stuff!


Lano said...

I reckon I have sailed with that very Ezzy sail from Hawaiian Island Surf! Is that a rental board as well?

Andy said...

Oddly enough, I like the assateague shorebreak photo the most of any of those!

Coming down to hatteras anytime soon?!

George Markopoulos said...

Dave-I usually bring my own stuff, but that recent winter trip was shorter than most, so i choose to rent. Hawaiin Island rocks--great location, better service-easier than picken up a happy meal at Mc'Ds.

Hey Andy. yeah, i'm always keepin an eye on the forecast. Maybe next week you guys will get a few consecutive days of warm wind and i can sneak down for a solo trip. I'm SO looking "forward" to sailing down there w/ya'll. I'm gonna be green though.......

Outdrsmn said...

Wow, that local shore break is nasty. Your description is perfect "miniature Teahupoo" yikes!