Friday, February 20, 2009

Another Windy Day At Tower

Four consecutive February sessions without gloves or hats was too good to be true right? So today, I found it tough to rig with launch time temperatures of about 30 degrees F. But lest our friends up north think we Delmarva sailors have it too good and cant really handle the tough conditions, I found it upon myself to sail in very cold temps today.

Water temps of about 38 degrees, brought the combined wind/water quotient to about 68. Not that extreme, but never the less, I was toasty in my NP dry suit. No problems what so ever. Stoked!!

Its actually been a pretty mild winter, and up until today, a session back in November was actually the coldest. Heck, I think Andy has been out in colder conditions, and he is 350 miles south!

It was easy for me to decide what to rig. All those sessions on the 3.6 gave me a good bench mark. That sail is pretty dialed btw!

It was blowing a steady 30 with gust to the upper 30s. So 4.0 was the call.

Strong west wind for 24+ hours blew most of the water out of the bay.

Never the less, it was a blast, and for a brief period, the stars lined up on the outside, and the port ramps where fabulous! Jump after floaty jump was followed by a Whoot Whoot Whoot! Felt like the reef at uppers Ken, and reminded me of that day we both where jumping the same waves, and screaming the rebel yell in unison! Ahhhhhh

Two marathon sessions of 1+ hour each was awesome. The 4.0 was the perfect sail, I was dialed, and I'm so to stoked to have been blessed with another awesome day of sailing on the Delmarva!

The only time I was cold was when I was unrigging. Didn't have any dry gloves to wear. Still, no complaints and no place I'd rather be than a windy beach (regardless the temperatures).

Pretty sweet weeekend forecast....The action never stops!


Andy said...

it just never ends.........

life is good bro, glad you caught it!!!

Outdrsmn said...

Awesome! I have missed the last two really good days and looks like Sunday may be good 5 to 6m day.