Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tower Road Delivers Again

Any windsurfer worth their salt knows the quote. "Its the unexplainable freedom that only a windsurfer knows".... I think all who have watched The Windsurfing Movie have nodded in agreement when Levi makes that statement.

Well today didn't deliver the nukin 3.6 conditions of last Thursday (thats comin tomorrow!). What it did serve up was litski 5.0 conditions on the 91 ltr.

First session on the RRD.

And when I stepped on that board, felt the solid power fill my sail, and the power pull me on to a plane instantly, the world was right. It felt right.

And I was exactly where I was supposed to be.

Sailed from 2.30 till sunset, again, sans gloves and hood. Unprecedented for February.

Not a bad sunset for Dewey Beach!

On an ancilary note, did anyone see that story about Travis the clever monkey, who came out of the closet and attacked an innocent women?

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scooper said...

No gloves?! Damn, you're living in a good place for windsurfer.