Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hookipa, Maui

The amazing thing about Maui is that you find yourself rubbing elbows with the sports' elite. Most of the top pro's live and train here. You'll likely find yourself rigging next to Polakow in the parking lot, or bumping into Pritchard at Costco. And of course, you'll be sharing the water with them as well. These pics from 2/11/08

Keauli Seadi back loop, Pritchard had a front row seat. Think he has a big grin on his face?

Kevin Pritchard and Jason Polakow head out thru the channel

Polakow in front of Hookipa's infamous rock garden

A great sequence of Jason Polakow

Top turn

Bottom turn

Wave 360

I spent some time talking to Jason Polakow. He told me the waves where about 5 foot. I'm not one to argue with Mr. Polakow, but they look just a smidge bigger than 5 foot, no? Also, he kept breaking the top batten. Maybe they get tweaked when you do those wave 360s. He was doing those on almost every wave

Kevin Pritchard setting up to go down the line

Bottom turn

Top turn

Pritchard coming in

This shot taken from the beach right where you launch, gives a different perspective of Hookipa. Most of the shots here are normally taken from the bluff.

Keauli Seadi

Keauli wave 360

I love this shot because its not one you'l see in the magazines. Look closely, he is out of the straps

Jason Polakow

Another unique photo that shows Polakow depowering the sail to allow that wave to break way out in front. Good tactics

Make sure you know the rules for right of way

A few more random shots

No, I didn't sail with them, although both Kevin and Jason encouraged me to come out. Was just a little too big for me. So after watching for about an hour, we sailed Sprecks.

This was my first run out at sprecks, about an hour after the above Hookipa pictures.

Amazing variety of conditons.


Kevin Pritchard said...

Yeah man Maui is the best!! Great times over here right now!!

cammar said...

Polakow probably refers to the hawaiian scale that is the wave measured from the back. Pretty much half the size of the face.
It's such a confusing thing. Everytime I ask for a wave report on the phone I never know what my friends mean and so I ask:"what's that head high or what?"
I prefere body parts height...