Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lewes, Deleware-The Main Beach

Today Janis and I drove down to check out Lewes. It's about 15 minutes south of our place in Milford, DE.

I launched on an outgoing tide, with the wind running against it. Made for lots of floaty port jumps!

Fully powered 5.8. Kudos to The Avon Sailhouse for repairing the sail for me, the victim of a bad forward loop attempt during an Assateague sesh back in August. It felt like new today! If anyone needs sail repair, Olaf does great work.

I'm telling you it was warm! about 45 degrees, and after over a week with temps in the 20s, today felt like spring! The water temp was about 35 degrees. If you can minimize your time actually in the water and sail smart, it really is a peice of cake to sail cold water. Especially with the sun beaming like it did for a majority of the day.

No ice at all on the Deleware Bay. Rehoboth Bay is another story. (this photo by Bob Rammsey)

Floaty board and a 5.8 was perfect kit today

I took Andy's advice and put vaselene on the only exposed skin, my face. Makes a world of difference. Thanks for the tip pal.

First run out. Haven't been on the water since Jan 3rd

Lots of bottled up energy.

The sand bar started to break a tiny wave, that was fun to play on

It doesn't look like much I know, but this sand bar is so much fun to play on!

Again, I practiced sailing out of my gybes clew first. I think thats helpful in wavesailing.

Bad form I know but I actually pulled this off.


Gybing on the outside for another screaming reach back to the beach

Nice back side rides

Cape May Ferry in backgorund

Wrap up to an awesome day of winter time sailing on the Delmarva.

I sailed from about 11am till about 1.30, or four sessions of approx 30 minutes each. Like I said, it was very warm, and the temps weren’t an issue. My conditioning however is another story. My forearms fatigued big time today. In fact, I’m pretty sore tonight, the price for not sailing in almost three weeks. Its all good, spring is just around the corner!


PeconicPuffin said...

Looks like a good sesh (aren't they all in January?)

Hey on the keeping your face warm tip, see if you can track down some Dermatone. Chapstick is better than nothing, but Dermatone is made for the purpose. Take it from a northeast winter windsurfer (I'm having a hard time thinking of those OBX guys talking "cold".)


Here's my coldest session to date taking the 100 rule below 65.

(just kidding on Andy...also chapstick is easy to find...dermatone only shows up in mountaineering and cross country skiing shops to the best of my knowledge.)

Andy said...

When I lived in the USVI a few winters ago, the guy who stocked the Ice Cream in the grocery stores wore a down jacket all day everyday. Cold is relative : ) I'm not sure what he put on his face to hinder frostbite, though.

George Markopoulos said...

The 100 rule is arbitrary and capricious. I cant imagine not being able to sail for a third of the year. I'd like to think 60 would be entirely doable (caveat: the sun has to be shining)

Ken Kellar and I had a fun sesh a few years ago on the Chesapeake where by the end there was significant ice on my sail. That day had to be in the mid 60s.

As for certain obx sailors who hold firm to the 100 rule, I could bust BILL'S chops, but I have nothing but respect for him, so I give him a pass!

PeconicPuffin said...

60 would be a bear (doable, but a bear!) My 64.whatever day (actually sailed in a 5/3 semidry) was strictly tame flatwater ( face dunking would have been no fun) and ice in the water can be problematic. Still, if I can get my partner in crime to join me I'll shoot for a 63 this winter!

Anonymous said...

Brrrr . it looks cold.