Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th Of July


Just a glorious 4th of July here on the Delmarva. The weather was absolutly stunning. Temps in the upper 70s, zero humidity, blue skies, AND WIND! It was a treat as the forecast was for light and variable winds. what we wound up with was solid 5.8 conditions.

Northwest wind to boot! Are you kidding me?!??! NW is normal for spring and fall, but not July. The weather here for the past 5 weeks has been extremely unusual, but hey, no complaints (except for the lack of wind). To have the iwindows open at the house with no AC on in july is extraordinary.



Made some new friends today. Don and Jenny Shrift live very close to us in Lincoln.
Jackie Warren was out there ripping today, and shes ready to take her first steps out into the ocean. Jackie, check out the Hatteras wave jam festival. Its geared toward the sailors of all abilities. In lieu of a trip to the OBX, follow my tweets, and we'll get you out down in Assateague!


Donna and Jules were out enjoying the fabulous weather, and tuning up for their trip to Maui in August.


Bob and Andy where there for a dawn patrol, then left around 11am, only to return when it filled in around 1. Yup, the Zamboni destroyed more equipment today! Bob, Avon Sailhouse can get the sail back in shape. Margaret and Olaf spend the summer at The Gorge, but you can ship your sail out to them and they can get you back on the water in no time. Email them at


Then back to the house for a barbeque with the Poon's


The fourth wouldn't be complete without fireworks, so we cruised over to Slaughter Beach.


Lovin life on the Delmarva

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Hey G&J - Nice site, love the pics, etc...enjoyed being part of your comments too, but just have to tell you -- it is Jennifer or Jen -- I NEVER go by Jennie :/ Hope that'll work for you....have a great week :)