Friday, April 30, 2010

Delmarva Moonrise

Last night, Janis and I went down to the beach to watch the Moonrise. It was spectacular.
Unfortunately, the photos don't do it justice. We should have brought the tripod along. We had to use slow shutter speed, and without the tripod there was no way we could hold the cameras absolutely still for 20+ seconds, hence the lack of clarity.
Personally, I think the most spectacular moment was when the moon first began to emerge on the horizen. I can best describe it as though there where a ship on fire way off on the edge of the earth. And as the moon began to rise, the fire intensified. Spectular.

Again, sorry for the poor quality.
I bet the show down in Hatteres was epic. How bout it guys?
PS-the show moonrise over the Atlantic reminded Janis and I of the sunrise on Haleakala, Maui.
This literally brought Janis to tears
If you ever make it to Maui. The sunrise is a must do.

pps-my boards from RRD ship today. Next weekend can't come soon enough! I'm so ready to get back on it!


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