Sunday, May 2, 2010

Back On It!

After  exactly 120 days out of the straps, Sunday was my first back, and it felt sooo good to be back out there. The venue was Assateague Island, and the conditions were far less than epic, but it was actually pretty good conditions to get out there and test the shoulder repair. Zero shorebreak, a few easy back side rides, and just enough wind to water start.
Happy report no shoulder pain what so ever, in fact, after this first reach out, I completely forgot about the repair. Believe me when I say I'm super stoked about that. I'd been away so long, I wondered if I would remember how.
After I rigged up, I sat there for a few minutes appreciating the significance of the momemt, savored the pure joy of being back where I love to be. Ahhhhhhhh, and most importantly I prayed and gave thanks to God for getting me thru the time off and putting me back in position to pickup where I left off.
No shore break, and hardly a bump out there. I was expecting much more, but I'm not complaining! I slipped right back in the old moves, just tacking and pivoting around out there.
Its kinda funny, I'm definately the leanest I've ever been equipment wise. I have two boards, and two sails. But no masts to rig it on! Makes it pretty easy though when deciding what to rig! Huge thank you to Andy Pierce. Andy, thanks so much for letting me borrow the 430 mast. The simmer 5.6 rigged great on that mast.  Btw-the sail is still available. Email me if you're interested. Its yours for $145
Great warm up for whats to come. Speaking of which, my boards arrive this week, and the sails by the following weekend. We're ready to hit it hard!!! Actually we're ready to start KILLING IT!! I gotta lotta making up to do. Now let me go check the  forecast......... 


Waterturtle said...

Welcome back George!

Bill said...

Yea, welcome back!

PeconicPuffin said...

Congratulations! Remember to ice the shoulder even if it feels fine for the first few months. You won't regret it.

Andy said...

I'm glad to see you're getting back out there! Woohaa!