Monday, May 10, 2010

Broadkill to Lewes Downwinder, and 3 Amigo Romp At The Secret Spot

All photography by Janis Markopoulos

For my second day back in the straps, the morning began at Broadkill Beach. Rigged 4.5 and the 82 ltr RRD twin fin.
This is the view of Lewes standing on the beach at Broadkill, approx 10 miles down-wind
There was a lot of west in it today, and that isn't the ideal direction to do a downwinder of an east facing beach.
But what the heck,  I rigged, made the best of it, and launched. The Delaware Bay has deep water, and occasional sand bars, even several miles off shore. Out in the middle of the Delaware bay, I was able to ride some long period swell, some which where even breaking (similar to the reef in Hatteras) making S turns, and getting my first sense of how shes gonna perform on a wave: loose, slippery, slashy, and smooth.
about an hour later, I sailed into the Secret Spot in Lewes.
and joined Dave Coyle and Ken Keller
I pulled in pretty much at lo tide

man it feels so good to be back
I hadn't sailed with Ken in over 9 months or so, so it was great to hook up with him again.
Ken is in Great Form
I'm tellin you, the spray off my board has got to be a function of the fins being closer to the rails
Whatever the reason, the board rocks!
Dave Coyle had some boom issues early on
Ken Kellar
The Secret Spot sand bar is sooo fun to play on, even when its small
Stan took my board out for a spin. I think he likes it

Ken and I watched from the dunes
Yah, Stan really likes my board

He especially love the way it gybe, commenting that his old board would of bouced out of this one
But the twin fin gripped easily
mean while Ken was just loving the day, and checkin Stan out on my board. Next thing i know........
He's got the board wanting to give it a ride!
Sorry, no pics of Ken's turn, but the feedback was all positive! Slashy, buttery smooth, slippery quick where the adjectives being tossed around.
Next thing I know, Dave's got the board
They all loved the wicked graphics
enough talk, Dave wanted to take her for spin

I love this shot. Dave is one of the best gybers around.
Dave, if you want one of these boards, I can hook you up dude!
yah, thats right, time to give her back to me Dave. you gotta get your own pal
Lets look for some waves soon so I can get these boards out in conditions she's sure to shine in!
Three Amigos
Ken Kellar, George Markopoulos and Dave Coyle


Relax said...

Hey George,
It was nice seeing you and Janis. Thanks for the test spin of your new RRD twin fin. Very slashy. You should have great fun with it, especially in the surf. See you out there!

Ken K

dave c said...

Thanks for lending me your ride George. The RRD Wave Twin rocks! It planes up extremely fast and rides flat in the water. When jibing, no worries, cut as sharp as you like, the twin thrusters and rail will dig in. I think this board will really excel in waves. The rather short wide profile is stable enough to carry you through lulls looking for the next wave to hitch. This is a really fun ride.