Sunday, May 9, 2010

RRD 82 Liter Twin Fin Rocks!

I don't want to hear about the new board jinx. We scored 2 days of powered 4.5 conditions this weekend. And for me, it was my first powered sailing since my injury on January 4th. Man it felt so good!!! Wind was out of the west Saturday, so the venue was Tower Road, Dewey Beach, DE.

I honestly didn't expect to get the RRD twin fin wet today, I wanted to give her initial breaking out in the waves, but frankly with these conditions, I couldn't resist ;)

I gotta tell you, this is the most incredible board I've ever ridden.  She performed great in the holey, flat, onshore conditions of Tower Road. West is dead on shore at Tower, and I was blown away at how well the twin fin pinched upwind.  In two tacks, I was well on the outside, enjoying the stronger winds.  Man I was blown away. The board absolutely rocks!
 Love these graphics
 It was a day to just loosen up and shake out the cobwebs
Although only 82 ltrs, every one of them is in just the right place. She tacks great!
nothing radical, just fun powered sailing on the bay.
Slippery smooth, she planes up super quick, and easily glides thru the lulls. In fact, the quickness thru the arc of a jybe caught me off guard. She's soooo loose, and eager to come around to the other tack! It took me a couple of runs to figure her out, then after adjusting, I really began to let her run. She's a stud!! (oxymoron??? lol)
I'm soooo digging this board :)
The board gybes so smooth. Set the rail and enjoy the buttery smooth carve.
Thats four months of pent up energy coming out!!

I soooo can't wait to get her out in the waves! This board is gonna help me take it to another level here on the Delmarva
The board throws alot of spray, perhaps a function of the fins being closer to the rail, and the slippery quick disposition that just wants to glide thru the turn
Few shots of my friend Stan Iwamoto.  
He was absolutely ripping today 
Talk about setting the rail!
nice recovery

Here are some shots of my first sesh on the 109. Great shot!
 Extend that front arm

ps-we scored again on Sunday. Check back for a full report.


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