Monday, April 7, 2008

4-6-08 The Secret Spot

Yesterday, the venue was the Delaware Bay. First drove out to Assateague, arriving about 8.45 am. That turned out to be dead high tide, with a pounding shore break and ripping current. We’d had enough of those conditions over the past few sessions, so not willing to pass up the day’s forecasted strong winds, we drove the 50 miles back up to Lewes and rigged at the Secret Spot. Was a fantastic day of high wind sailing, albeit we had to cope w/the light rain on and off throughout the day.

Delaware Bay on anything w/a northerly component to it, at dead high tide is so sweet. You get ocean like swell on the outside, and breaking waves over the sandbars. There is generally little or no current at this spot, so you can just focus on sailing w/no concern for going downwind. The backside riding was great yesterday, and some of the waves where large enough to have to respect. Present where Dave Coyle, Ken Kellar, and James Roe.

Lots of jumps where had by all. Dave Coyle and I got into a death match drag race thru large swell on the outside, and Dave wound up paying his dues with a harness hook thru the foot of his sail on his missed gybe on the reach back to the beach.

I pulled a few still shots from the video footage.
This is Ken Kellar gybing on the outside:

Dave Coyle:

I wore the helmet cam for a session, w/improved results. That being said, I still find the go-pro very frustrating at times. May be the colder temps goofing up the batteries. Here is the video.

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