Saturday, April 12, 2008

4/12/08 Warm day at Tower Road

The dry suit is on the shelf. Wore the wetsuit for the first time this year, even had to sail with it unzipped as temps soared into the 70s today! Present where Bob Ramsey and Any Pierce. I arrived a little late, around 11.15am, but quckly rigged a a 5.8 abd the 109ltr RRD, and sailed till about 4pm.

Wind was kinda holey, and i think there was a decoupling issue at the surface, but all in all, was pretty fun. Stuggled again with the heli-tacks, but pretty much have my port tacks wired, close to 100%. So stoked about that. My wife showed up for a few minutes and took these pics.

Hey, is that my harness??

Andy Pierce

James Roe

Wore the helmet cam for a session today.

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