Sunday, April 27, 2008

4/27/08 The Secret Spot

Dare I say it? Epic?
There are several kinds of epic sessions. Epic Enernesto at Sandy Point, Epic Sprecks 8 weeks ago. Those are intense sort of sessions. Enernesto had my quads locking up later in the evening while sitting on the couch. Today was epic-ly fun! That was the consensus on the beach. Dave Coyle and James Roe were present. I sailed 5.8 well powered from about 10am to 2.30. The intermittant misty rain was a small price to pay. I shot two memory cards worth of video today. Below is the first session.

The second session was better as Dave and I really got into a groove out there, figure eighting each other and sailing close enough to basically shake hands. That was tons of fun. We were hooting an hollaring. Unfortunately what i'm realizing is that when you open the camera housing (to change batteries for example) , even the smallest bit of moisture will get inside the housing, causing condenscation when you close it back up. Was very dissapointed to see the video of second session look ghostly overcast and poor light.

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